Parking Facilities

Spire Parking provides management services for a wide range of parking facilities. We provide a comprehensive analysis of each parking situation to determine the most cost-effective and efficient methods to enhance the revenue stream of the operation. Below are just a few examples of how we serve our diverse client base.
Office Buildings - We provide proactive, hands on management, staffing, equipment analysis, signage, as well as enhancing the aesthetics of each facility. We offer a full line of customer services to building employees and parking customers.
Hotels - We know what it takes to run a first class valet operation. When responding to our clients’ needs we make customer service a top priority. Our employees maintain the proper decorum and a courteous demeanor that match the image of the hotel.
Hospitals - Spire Parking provides innovative parking programs that focus solely on the sensitive needs of hospital visitors, family, and patients. Through our ability to assess each hospital individual, we have the resources and insight to cover the full spectrum of parking management programs. We also provide greeters for emergency room and hospital lobby areas who can assist in giving directions and offering coffee for waiting family members.
Residential - We consider each residential property as a unique entity, whether a rental property or a condominium. Our commitment to fostering a strong relationship with each customer has allowed us to work well with condominium owners, renters, and building management. With our attractive amenities program, we meet a wide range of tastes and needs in bringing quality services to the tenants of the building.
Medical Centers - Spire Parking is an integral and unique component of the medical centers we operate. We recognize the importance of meeting the wide range of health care parking needs from our medical offices that wish to provide validation programs to meter operations, pay stations, and monitoring free validated parking.
Universities - We provide innovative and inexpensive permitting system for selling and managing semester permit, day permit, and visitor passes. We maintain and operate parking facilities that provide the primary parking for faculty, staff, students, vendors, contractor, and visitors to various campuses.
Valet Parking Services - Spire Parking provides valet parking services, parking management, traffic control, and van shuttle services for locations and events of all sizes.